About ME

Welcome to SQEAKYSITES (yes there is no u)

Hello.  I'm Michele Bauer

  • I am a certified vessel safety examiner for the USPS (America's Boating Club)

          Following in my family steps, I became passionate on being on the water.  After a few horrible experiences, I devoted myself to seeing others safe on the water.  United States Power Squadron (AKA Now Americas Boating Club) brought me into boating classes and more.  Highly suggested to take a class.  While others don't know the rules, at least you'll know how to avoid trouble.

  • In addition on the side, I help create web sites to help small businesses grow. 

Custom and Pre-Set up Packages Available For Web Sites

Different packages available to either help you set up or have maintenance done

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Tailored To You

Safety Inspections are completely free and I will customize your inspection.   Please see my scheduling calendar to book your safety check early in the seasom